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African American and African Diaspora Studies


Cross-Listed Courses

Carolyn Calloway-Thomas*

Carolyn Calloway-Thomas*
Valerie Grim*

Associate Professors
Tyron Cooper
Maisha Wester*
Jakobi Williams*
Phoebe Wolfskill*
Assistant Professors
Judith Rodriguez
Nana Amoah-Ramey (Visiting)

Professor of Practice
Raymond Wise
Stafford Berry
James Strong

Maria Hamilton-Abegunde
Candis Smith

Director of Graduate Studies
Jakobi Williams
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Adjunct Faculty
Akinwumi Adesokan*, Associate Professor (Comparative Literature)
Kevin D. Brown*, Professor (Maurer School of Law)
Dionne Danns*, Professor (School of Education)
Arlene Diaz, Associate Professor (History)
Luis E. Fuenter-Rohwer, Professor (Maurer School of Law)
Vivian Halloran, Professor (English, American Studies)
Robin L. Hughes*, Associate Professor (School of Education-IUPUI)
Pamela Braboy Jackson, Professor (Sociology)
Alicia Jones, Assistant Professor (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
Sonia Lee, Associate Professor (American studies, Latino Studies)
Martin McCrory, Associate Professor (Kelley School of Business)
Michael McGerr*, Professor (History)
Najja Modibo, Associate Professor (African American Studies, Labor Studies-IUPUI)
Rasul Aaron Mowatt*, Professor (American Studies)
Amrita Myers*, Associate Professor (History, Gender Studies)
John Nieto-Phillips*, Associate Professor (History, Latino Studies)
Samuel Obeng*, Professor (Linguistics)
William Oliver, Associate Professor (Criminal Justice)
Fernando Orejuela, Senior Lecturer (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
Solimar Otro, Professor (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
Fabio Rojas*, Professor (Sociology)
Gary Sailes, Associate Professor (School of Public Health)
Marvin D. Sterling*, Associate Professor (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
Shane Vogel, Professor (English)
Lemuel Watson, Professor (School of Education)

Emeritus Faculty
Akwasi B. Assensoh*, Professor
Mellonee V. Burnim*, Adjunct
Winona L. Fletcher*, Professor
Monroe Little, Adjunct
Portia Mautlsby*, Adjunct
Audrey McCluskey*, Professor
John McCluskey*, Professor
Frank Motley, Adjunct
Iris Rosa*, Professor
John H. Stanfield*, Professor
Vernon Williams*, Professor


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