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Victorian Studies

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Ph.D. Minor in Victorian Studies

The Ph.D. Minor in Victorian Studies trains students in the interdisciplinary study of Great Britain and the British world in the long nineteenth century, with a focus on literature, culture, and society.   Coursework offers students an opportunity to become familiar with the aesthetic and historical developments of the period.  It seeks, too, to acquaint students with the most current critical and methodological tools that are used to understand and critique the age and its works.   The coursework for the Minor gives students a depth of knowledge in the history, literature, and culture of the nineteenth-century British world, while also offering them a breadth of understanding regarding the relevance of Victorian Studies to today’s institutions of higher learning and the public sphere.

Course Requirements

The minor requires the completion of four courses, comprising a minimum of 12 credits, including VICT-V 611, the Program’s core course. At least one of the courses must come from outside of the student’s home department. Students must receive a grade of B+ or higher in all coursework. The Minor will be administered and approved by the Director of the Victorian Studies Program.

Students may wish, in choosing courses, to consult the class numbers listed below. Approval of coursework for the Minor is subject to a consideration of the actual content of various iterations of the courses in consultation with the program’s Director.

ANTH-E649, E663, E682, E677, E678, E687, H500
CMLT-C533, C535, C601, C602, C641, C643, C644, C645, C647, C649,
ENG-L627, L629, L637, L640, L641, L643, L644, L645, L646, L657, L671, L674
FINA-A550, A580, A589, A590, A641, A642, A645, A674
FOLK-E522, F540, F545, F635, F715, F730, F734, F740
FRIT-F640, F647, M553, M605
GER-G575, G623, G625
HIST-H620, H630, H661, H680, H699
HSPC-X507, X609
ILS-Z521, Z532, Z584, Z581, Z652
NELC-N695, N701
PHIL-P544, P743
SLAV-R505, R506
THTR-T567, T568, T572
REL-R604, R630, R644, R652, R670, R672, R674, R675
VICT-V611, V701, V711, V805

Graduate Area Certificate in Victorian Studies

The Victorian Studies Program concentrates upon Great Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria, extending its attention in certain fields back into the last decades of the eighteenth cen­tury, up to the outbreak of World War I, and out into America, Continental Europe, and other areas in the nineteenth century. The program is open to all graduate students. Courses within the program are chosen from a range of offerings in the fol­lowing departments or programs: Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, English, Fine Arts, Folk­lore, Gender Studies, History, History and Philoso­phy of Science, Philosophy, and Victorian Studies.
Course Requirements

16 credit hours in courses approved for the Victorian Studies Program, at least 4 of which must be in the Victorian Studies Program proper and 4 outside both the student’s department and the Victorian Studies Program. Consult the chairperson of the program for courses outside of Victorian Studies that are acceptable for the certificate.

Satisfactory performance in the departmental qualifying exami­nations required.

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