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(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)
Penelope Anderson* (English); Marco Arnaudo* (French and Italian); Domenico Bertoloni Meli* (History and Philosophy of Science); Hall Bjornstad* (French and Italian); J. Peter Burkholder* (Musicology); Alison Calhoun* (French and Italian);   Linda Charnes* (English); Andrea Ciccarelli* (French and Italian); Stephen Conrad* (Law); Robert Fulk* (English); Constance Furey* (Religious Studies); Shannon Gayk* (English); Adelheid Gealt* (History of Art); Ryan Giles* (Spanish and Portuguese); Patricia Ingham* (English); Hildegard Keller* (Germanic Studies); Giles Knox* (History of Art); Joan Pong Linton* (English); Karma Lochrie* (English); Ellen MacKay* (English); Eric MacPhail* (French and Italian); Kathleen Myers* (Spanish and Portuguese); William Newman* (History and Philosophy of Science); Timothy W. O’Connor* (Philosophy); Massimo Ossi* (Musicology); Olimpia Rosenthal (Spanish and Portuguese); Bret Rothstein* (History of Art); Kathleen Rowold* (Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design); Kaya Sahin (History); Massimo Scalabrini* (French and Italian); Robert Schneider* (History); Ayana Smith* (Musicology); Rebecca Spang* (History); H. Wayne Storey* (French and Italian); Sarah Van der Laan* (Comparative Literature); Sonia Velázquez (Religious Studies / Comparative Literature); Steven Wagschal* (Spanish and Portuguese); Giovanni Zanovello* (Musicology); David Zaret* (Sociology)

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