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Astrophysics Courses

  • AST-A 451 Stellar Astrophysics (3 cr.) P: Calculus, Physics P301 or equivalent, A222 or consent of instructor. Application of basic physical principles to investigation of the solar system, stars, and the Milky Way galaxy.
  • AST-A 452 Extragalactic Astrophysics (3 cr.) P: Calculus, Physics P301 or equivalent, A222 or consent of instructor. Application of basic physical principles to investigation of galaxies and cosmology.
  • AST-A 453 Topics in Astrophysics (3 cr.) P: Calculus, P301 or equivalent, A222 or consent of instructor. Topics in astrophysics not covered extensively by other courses. The topic will vary depending on instructor. Possible topics include celestial mechanics, astrobiology, stellar interiors, stellar atmospheres, stellar populations, galaxy dynamics, and cosmology. May be repeated once with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • AST-A 505 Principles and Techniques of Observational Astronomy (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Principles and techniques of as­tronomical data acquisition and reduction. Practical experience in CCD photometry, spectroscopy, and astronomical applica­tions of electronic detectors.
  • AST-A 520 The Interstellar Medium (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Structure and dynamics of the interstellar medium; review of observations and theory of interstellar gas, dust, and radiation.
  • AST-A 530 Galactic Astronomy (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Structure and stellar populations of the Milky Way and Local Group.
  • AST-A 540 Stellar Atmospheres (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Structure of atmospheres and formation of spectra.
  • AST-A 550 Stellar Interiors (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Physical properties of stellar material; structure and evolution of stars.
  • AST-A 570 Galactic Dynamics (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Prin­ciples of stellar dynamics. Analytic and computer methods. Applications to the galaxy and its star clusters.
  • AST-A 575 Structure and Evolution of Galaxies (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Structure and evolution of galaxies, large-scale clus­tering of galaxies, active galactic nuclei, and quasars.
  • AST-A 580 Physical and Observational Cosmology (3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Observational basis for current cosmological theory. Early universe evolution, cosmic microwave background radiation, formation of cosmic structure.
  • AST-A 590 Graduate Reading Course (arr. cr.) Independent reading in astronomy and astrophysics.
  • AST-A 770 Seminar in Astrophysics (1-4 cr.) Selected topics of cur­rent research interest in astrophysics; includes topics such as stellar astrophysics, interstellar matter, planetary physics, high-energy astrophysics, and extragalactic astrophysics.
  • AST-A 780 Seminar in Astronomy (arr. cr.) S/F grading. Selected topics of current research interest in astronomy, such as observational tech­niques, instrumentation, stellar, galactic and extragalactic astronomy, and cosmology. May be repeated.
  • AST-A 890 Introduction to Research (arr. cr.) Literature and methods of astronomical research.
  • AST-A 899 Research (arr. cr.) Observational and theoretical investi­gations of current problems.

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