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Animal Behavior



  • ABEH-A 500 Introduction to Animal Behavior Research (1 cr.) Intro­duces students to research opportunities in animal behavior. Local researchers will present their recent research efforts, em­phasizing the integrative aspects of their work and its applica­tion to functional and mechanistic explanations of behavior.
  • ABEH-A 501 Seminar in the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (2-3 cr.) Investigation of functional behavior of animals (e.g., migration, parental behavior, mate choice) using an interdisci­plinary approach that attempts to integrate the perspectives of developmental psychology, ecology and evolutionary biology, neural science, and the science of learning and memory. Topic will vary. May be repeated for credit.
  • ABEH-A 502 Research and Professional Ethics in Bio-Behavioral Sciences (1 cr.) Readings and discussion dealing with general ethical issues in science, with a particular focus on animal behavior. Topics include treatment and protection of animals; the acquisition, analysis, and use of data; student-mentor and student-teacher relations; credit, authorship, and peer review.

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