Financial Aid

Assistantships and Instructorships

Associate Instructorships, Graduate Assistantships, and Research Assistantships

A large number of associate instructorships, graduate assistant­ships, and research assistantships are available in departments and schools offering degrees through the University Graduate School. Some of these positions are accompanied by fee remis­sions which defray a large percentage of tuition and fees. Ap­plication for such positions should be made to the department or school in which the student wishes to work. Early application is advisable.

Resident Assistantships

Positions are available on the Bloomington campus and at IU­PUI for single graduate students to serve as resident assistants in the residence halls. Selection of graduate students for these positions is based on the applicant’s academic record, previous background and experience, potential for work with undergrad­uate students, and personal qualifications necessary to relate successfully to other people. The resident assistant serves as an advisor to a living unit of 50 students in one of the university residence centers. These positions provide room, board, and a cash stipend; course work is limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours each semester. For further IUB information, contact the director, Department of Residence Life, 801 N. Jordan Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47405, telephone (812) 855-1764. For further IUPUI information, contact the director, Office of Housing and Residence Life, 415 Porto Alegre Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5180, telephone (317) 274-7200.

Academic Bulletins

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