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Department of English
Wiekamp Hall 3127
Indiana University South Bend
1700 Mishawaka Avenue
South Bend, IN 46634-7111
(574) 520-4304



Degrees Offered

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Special Departmental Requirements

See also general University Graduate School requirements.

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted to the English graduate program by the Graduate Studies  Committee. Applicants for the program must have a bachelor’s degree in English or in a closely related field from an accredited institution and an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0. A candidate who does not meet the G.P.A. requirement may apply for special student status.

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in English

The M.A. offers a flexible program of study  and provides broad expertise in English studies including literary analysis, composition, and creative writing. Students may choose up to five elective courses, which will allow them more opportunities to shape their course of study. The M.A. degree opens employment opportunities teaching English in schools or community colleges, working in the service and information industries, the news media, advertising, public relations, and in other corporations requiring writing special­ists. It also offers a life-enriching continuation of intellectual study. To complete this degree, students must meet the course requirements listed below.

M.A. Course Requirements (36 credit hours)

  • G660 Stylistics (4 cr.)
  • L501 Professional Scholarship in Literature (4 cr.)
  • L502 Contexts for the Study of Writing (4 cr.)
  • Five elective courses, with emphasis either in creative writing, literature, or rhetoric and composition studies (20 cr.)
  • L695 Independent Writing Project (4 cr.)

(Students must take at least one course in the literary period, subject area or genre that they want to address in their project.)

Foreign Language Requirement

Students must have completed two college semesters of a single foreign language by the time the M.A. degree is conferred. Candidates who have completed these two courses as part of other graduate or undergraduate programs need not take additional courses as part of the M.A. program. Candidates who have gained foreign language skills outside of the classroom may take a Foreign Language Placement Exam to demonstrate their achievement of language skills equivalent to those achieved from two semesters of formal study.

Transfer Credits

Applicants may be allowed to transfer up to two graduate courses or 8 credit hours from another graduate institution (or from previous graduate work at IUSB) if those courses demon­strably contribute to the work required for the English M.A. Un­less transfer courses are clearly equivalent to the required core courses for the M.A., those courses will be counted as electives. Candidates should include in the application a request to trans­fer courses, a brief description of each course identifying how it contributes to the English M.A., and supporting documentation such as syllabi, assignments, papers, or other relevant material.

Academic Regulations

Students must confer with their academic advisors on a regular basis to determine an effective course of study.  An average grade of B (3.0) is required for graduation, and no course with a grade lower than B– (2.7) will be counted toward the degree. Students are required to maintain good academic standing, i.e., to maintain a G.P.A. of at least 3.0. A student whose G.P.A. drops below 3.0 must restore it to 3.0 within 9 credit hours. Failure to maintain good standing will result in dismissal from the program.

Master of Arts in Teaching

This program currently is not offered.

Academic Bulletins

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