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Degree Offered
Combined Master of Arts in Philosophy and Doctor of Jurisprudence (McKinney School of Law)

This program provides a unique and valuable perspective on the field of bioethics by combining the philosophical study of bioethics with a legal education.

A candidate spends the first year in law school, adding courses from the IU Department of Philosophy during the second year. In addition to the basic required law school courses, students must complete the requirements for the Concentration in Health Law and Bioethics.

The capstone project for this combined degree program will be a paper in a topic that addresses the fields of law and bioethics. This paper will satisfy both the advanced research and writing requirement at the law school and the thesis/research project in the Department of Philosophy.


The program requires 24 hours in the M.A. Program and 84 credit hours at the Robert H. McKinney School of Law for graduation.  Non-combined degree study requires 90 credit hours at the McKinney School of Law, while the M.A. requires 30 credit hours at the Department of Philosophy.  Summer school during the first two summers of the combined program is encouraged to help the M.A./J.D. student attain increased credit hours and ease potential scheduling conflicts that may arise when scheduling course work in two different schools.

Up to six credits of health law courses are counted toward the 30 credits required for the M.A. in Philosophy.  Six credits from the M.A. program are also applied to law for a total of 84 needed for the J.D. credits.  The two degrees are obtained with a total of 108 earned credits, as compared with the 120 credits required if the degrees are obrained separately.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Jason T. Eberl
Department of Philosophy, IUPUI
Phone: 317-278-9239

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