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Mass Communications



Professor Walter Gantz* (Telecommunications) and Professor Emeritus Trevor Brown* (Journalism)

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Distinguished Professor

Annie Lang* (Telecommunications)


James Brown* (Journalism), Trevor Brown* (Emeritus, Journal­ism), Richard Burke* (Emeritus, Telecommunications), Edward J. Castronova* (Telecommunications),  Barbara Cherry* (Telecommunications), Dan Drew* (Emeritus, Journalism), Jack Dvorak* (Journalism), Susan Eastman* (Emerita, Telecommu­nications), Walter Gantz* (Telecommunications), Maria Elizabeth Grabe* (Telecommunications), Peter Jacobi* (Emeritus, Journalism), Shannon Martin* (Journal­ism), Michael McGregor* (Telecommunications), David P. Nord* (Journalism), Christine L. Ogan* (Emerita, Journalism), Carol Polsgrove* (Emerita, Journalism), Harmeet Sawhney* (Telecommunications), David H. Waterman* (Telecommunica­tions), David H. Weaver* (Journalism), G. Cleveland Wilhoit* (Emeritus, Journalism), Lars Willnat (Journalism)

Associate Professors

David Boeyink* (Journalism), Bonnie Jeanne Brownlee (Jour­nalism), Claude H. Cookman (Journalism), Jon Paul Dilts* (Journalism), Michael Evans* (Journalism), Anthony L. Fargo* (Journalism), Julia R. Fox* (Telecommunications), Owen V. Johnson* (Journalism), James Kelly (Journalism), Radhika Parameswaran* (Journalism), Bryant M. Paul* (Telecommunications), Robert F. Potter* (Telecom­munications), Steven Laurence Raymer (Journalism), Amy L. Reynolds* (Journalism), S. Holly Stocking* (Emerita, Journal­ism), Herbert A. Terry* (Emeritus, Telecommunications)

Assistant Professors

Michael Thomas Conway (Journalism), Amy Gonzales (Telecommunications), Hans Ibold (Journalism), Julien Mailland (Telecommunications), Lesa Hatley Major (Journalism), Nicole Martins (Telecommunica­tions), Emily Metzgar (Journalism), Andrew Weaver (Telecommunications), W. Joann Wong (Journalism), Paul J. Wright (Telecommunications)

Graduate Advisors

Associate Professor Amy L. Reynolds*, Ernie Pyle Hall 200H, (812) 855-8111 (Journalism); Professor Harmeet S. Sawhney*, Radio-TV Center Room 325, (812) 855-0954 (Telecommunications)

Academic Bulletins

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