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International Studies

School of Global and International Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

Departmental Contact: intl [at] indiana [dot] edu;  (812) 856-1816

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The Department of International Studies is affiliated with the new School of Global and International Studies (SGIS) in the College of Arts and Sciences, dedicated to providing Indiana University graduate students with the intellectual tools they will need to live, work, and thrive in the globalized world of the twenty-first century. Degree programs associated with SGIS emphasize language proficiency, cultural competency, and in-depth training in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. SGIS students will enjoy unparalleled access to a stellar faculty and professional development opportunities. For further information regarding the mission, structure and resources of the School of Global and International Studies, see



(Please note that when conferring University Graduate School degrees, minors, certificates, and sub-plans, The University Graduate School’s staff use those requirements contained only in The University Graduate School Bulletin.)

Degrees Offered

Ph.D. Minor in Global Studies, Ph.D. Minor in Human Rights

Special Departmental Requirements

(see also general University Graduate School Requirements)

Ph.D. Minor in Global Studies

Students in other departments may minor in Global Studies. The minor provides a theoretical and methodological framework for the interdisciplinary study and critical analysis of global phenomena. Each minor student develops an individualized program in consultation with the Director of the Ph.D. minor in Global Studies, Hilary Kahn ( and their graduate advisor, that best complements and furthers the student’s disciplinary and professional academic programs and specific regional interests.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 15 credit hours including:

  • INTL-I701, Interdisciplinary Seminar in Issues and Approaches to Global Studies
  • Four electives (12 credit hours) from an approved minor list of courses or as approved by the Director of the Ph.D. Minor.

Foreign Language/Research Skills

Required: demonstrated foreign language competence in a least one foreign language at a level determined by the student’s approved program of graduate study. Testing will be administered by the appropriate foreign language department or area studies program.


Students complete the Minor through a capstone project that includes one of five options: (1) a specifically designated course; (2) an international internship; (3) international field work; (4) a substantial paper; or, (5) a question on the student’s qualifying examination in the major department.

Ph.D. Minor in Human Rights

Students in other departments may minor in Human Rights. The curriculum explores the intersection of global and local contexts at the heart of human rights discourse. It takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, asking students to be aware of how law, cultural values and practice, social and political institutions, national and supranational bodies, and policy interact, integrate, and conflict with one another to create an international human rights regime and the discourse and practice surrounding it. The program is applied as well as oriented to research and theory. Students should contact Hilary Kahn ( for additional information.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 15 credit hours, including:

  • Three core courses (9 credit hours)
    • INTL-I705, Human Rights Multidisciplinary Graduate Seminar
    • ANTH-E600, Anthropology of Human Rights
    • LAW-B793, Human Rights or LAW-L793, Seminar in Human Rights
  • Two electives courses (6 credit hours) from an approved minor list or as approved by the Director of the Ph.D. minor.


Completion of the minor is based on successfully finishing coursework in three academic areas beyond student’s own discipline(s).

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