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Human-Computer Interaction
School of Informatics and Computing

Departmental Email: informat [at] indiana [dot] edu

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Ph.D. Minor in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Course Requirements for the Ph.D. Minor in HCI (12 credit hours)

The human-computer interaction minor requires 12 credit hours. Students must take a 3 credit hour introductory graduate course in HCI from INFO I541 Human-Computer Interaction Design I or S either from Informatics or ILS Z515 Introduction to HCI. In addition, students must take 9 credit hours from at least one department other than the student’s home department. All topical seminar classes must be approved by the student’s HCI advisor for application to the minor.

A minimum of B (3.0) is required in each course that is to count toward the minor.


The student’s dissertation must address issues related to human-computer interaction. 

Human Computer Interaction Design Track

This field of study must be approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.  Twelve hours in the informatics core are required.  For information on this track, email: informat [at] indiana [dot] edu

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