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East Asian Languages and Cultures



Professor Natsuko Tsujimura*

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral dissertations.)


Y. J. Chih* (Emeritus), Jurgis Elisonas* (Emeritus), Eugene Eoyang* (Emeritus, Comparative Literature), Yoshio Iwamoto* (Emeritus, Comparative Literature), Sumie Jones* (Emerita, Comparative Literature), Gregory J. Kasza*, Paul Kuznets* (Emeritus, Economics), Susan Nelson* (Emerita, Fine Arts), Jean Robinson* (Political Science), Michael E. Robinson*, Richard Rubinger*, Lynn Struve* (Emerita, History), Natsuko Tsujimura*, George M. Wilson* (Emeritus, History), Margaret Yan* (Emerita)

Associate Professors

Gardner Bovingdon*, Laurel Cornell* (Sociology, Gender Studies), Michael Foster (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Sara Friedman* (Anthropology, Gender Studies), Scott Kennedy*, Hyo-Sang Lee, Ethan Michelson*, Scott O'Bryan*, Edith Sarra*, Aaron Stalnaker* (Religious Studies), Marvin Sterling (Anthropology), Michiko Suzuki*, Yasuko Ito Watt (Emerita)

Assistant Professors

Heather Blair (Religious Studies), Stephanie DeBoer (Communication and Culture), Michael Ing (Religious Studies), Heon-Joo Jung*, Keiko Kuriyama, Charles Lin, Manling Luo, Jonathan Schlesinger, Henghua Su, Kevin Tsai (Comparative Literature), Tie Xiao

Senior Lecturer

Sue Tuohy (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)

Adjunct Professor

Heidi Ross* (School of Education)

Adjunct Associate Professor

Rick Harbaugh* (School of Business)

Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor TBA, Goodbody Hall 230, (812) 865-4959

Academic Bulletins

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