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Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design
College of Arts and Sciences

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Degree Offered

Master of Science

Special Departmental Requirements

(See also general University Graduate School requirements). 

Admission Requirements

All Students

Minimum of 600 on the verbal section and on at least one other section of the Graduate Record Examination General Test. Minimum undergraduate GPA equivalent to 3.0 on 4.0 scale.

Foreign Students

Minimum of 573 (paper) or 230 (electronic) on the Test of Eng­lish as a Foreign Language.

Apparel Studies

Eighteen semester hours of undergraduate credit in apparel studies and/or a related field (e.g., economics), 9 of which must be at the junior or senior level.

Design Studies

Baccalaureate from a FIDER- (interior design) or NAAB- (archi­tecture) accredited program and a portfolio of original work in interior design and/or architecture.

Course Requirements

Apparel Studies

A minimum of 34 credit hours, to include H550, a 3-credit semi­nar or readings course in area of concentration; H598 Research, H599 Thesis, or H597 Project (if project is selected, a total of 37 credit hours is required); and a graduate course in statistics.

Design Studies

A minimum of 34 credit hours, to include H550, H568, H573, H598 Research, H599 Thesis, a graduate course in statistics, and 12 credits in one or two related area(s). H597 Project is not available to graduate students in interior design.

Fields of Study

Individualized programs are available in two different areas: apparel and textiles; and interior design.

Final Examination

Oral defense of the thesis; for those not electing thesis (ap­parel merchandising candidates only), a comprehensive written examination.

Academic Bulletins

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