Financial Aid


A number of fellowships are available to students enrolled in the University Graduate School. Among them are University Graduate School fellowships, fee scholarships, and various privately and federally funded awards. Students should ap­ply for these fellowships directly to the major department.  In all cases, early application is advisable. It should be noted that all such award holders are required to devote full time to their studies.

Indiana University also offers several recruitment fellowship and support programs for students underrepresented in graduate education (ethnic minority, first generation and/or low income college students and women in the sciences). These include the Graduate Scholars Fellowship, Adam W. Herbert Graduate Fellowship, Women in Science Graduate Fellowship, Ronald E. McNair Graduate Fellowship, and the Educational Opportunity Fellowship. In some cases students must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for consideration for these awards.

To be considered for any of these awards, a student should submit an IU application form for admission and financial aid to the relevant graduate program at IUB by mid-January of the year preceding enrollment. Information for IUB students can be obtained from the University Graduate School Fellowship Coordinator, Kirkwood Hall 114, 130 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47405 (telephone [812] 855-8853; e-mail grdschl [at] indiana [dot] edu; web:  Further information for IUPUI students can be obtained from the Graduate Office at IUPUI, University Library, Room 1170, 755 W. Michigan St., Indianapolis, IN 46202 (telephone [317] 274-1577; web:

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