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African Studies
Graduate Faculty


(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Gradu­ate School faculty with the endorsement to direct master's theses and/or doctoral dissertations.)

Director and Graduate Advisor

Professor Samuel Obeng*

Associate Director and Undergraduate Advisor

Maria Grosz-Ngate


Osita Afoaku (Clinical Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs), Erna Alant* (Education), Robert Botne* (Linguistics), Mellonee Burnim* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Kevin Brown (Law), Gracia Clark* (Anthopology), Claude Clegg* (History), Stuart Davis* (Linguistics), Kenneth DeJong* (Linguistics), Hasan El-Shamy* (Folklore, Near East­ern Languages and Cultures), Ann Elsner* (Optometry), Jane Goodman* (Communication and Culture), Kevin Hunt* (Anthropology), Jayanth K. Krishnan,* (Law), Eileen Julien* (French and Italian, Comparative Literature), David Lohrmann* (Applied Health Science), Victor Malinovsky (Clinical Professor of Optometry), Portia Maultsby* (Folklore and Ethnomusicol­ogy), Maria E. Grabe* (Telecommunications), Patrick McNaughton* (Fine Arts), Samuel Gyasi Obeng* (Linguistics),  Alwiya Omar (Clinical Professor, African Studies), Michael Reece* (Applied Health Science), Iris Rosa* (African Ameri­can and African Diaspora Studies), Darlene Sadlier* (Spanish and Portuguese), Kathy Schick* (Anthropology), Jeanne Sept* (Anthropology), Suzanne Stetkevych* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Beverly Stoeltje* (Anthropology, Communica­tion and Culture), Ruth Stone* (Folklore), Mohammad Torabi* (Applied Health Science), Nicholas Toth* (Anthropology), David Williams* (Law), Richard Wilk* (Anthropology)

Associate Professors

Akinwumi Adesokan* (Comparative Literature), Health Akou (Apparel Merchandise), Bonnie Brownlee* (Journalism), Rowan Candy* (Optometry), Shingairai Feresu* (Epidemiology and Bio-Statistics), Vivian Halloran (American Studies), John H. Hanson* (History), Douglas Horner* (Optometry), Jim Kelly* (Journalism), Don Lyon (Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry), Lauren Morris MacLean* (Political Science), Murray McGibbon (Theatre and Drama), Susan Middlestadt* (Applied Health Science), Martha Nyikos* (Education), Cecilia Obeng* (Applied Health Science), Alwiya Omar (Clinical Associate Professor of African Studies, Linguis­tics), Marissa Moorman* (History), Daniel Reed* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Stephen Vinson* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Margaret Sutton* (Education), Chalmer Thompson* (Education)

Assistant Professors

Jennifer Brass (Public and Environmental Affairs), Beth Buggenhagen* (Anthropology), Maria Grosz-Ngaté (Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropol­ogy, Academic Specialist in African Studies), Pete Kollbaum (Optometry), Michelle Moyd (History), Beth Elaine Meyerson* (Applied Health Science), Diane Pelrine (Art History), Nicholas Port* (Optometry), Beth Samuelson* (Education), Barbara Van Der Pol* (Kinesiology), Ahmed Youssefagha* (Applied Health Science)


Robert Arnove* (Emeritus, Chancellor’s Professor, Educa­tion), Akwasi B. Assensoh* (Emeritus African American and African Diaspora Studies), Salih Altoma* (Emeritus, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Randall Baker* (Public and Enviornmental Affairs), George E. Brooks Jr.* (Emeritus, History), Trevor Brown* (Emer­itus, Journalism), Paula Girshick* (Emerita, Anthropology), Mary Goetze* (Emerita, Music), Phyllis Mar­tin* (Emerita, Ruth N. Halls Professor, History), John W. Johnson* (Emeritus, Folklore), Heitor Martins* (Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese), Audrey McCluskey (Emerita, African American and African Diaspora Studies), Emilio Moran* (Emeritus, Anthropology), Patrick Munson* (Emeritus, Anthropology), Christine Ogan* (Journal­ism), Patrick O'Meara* (Emeritus, Political Science, Public and Environmental Affairs), Robert F. Port* (Emeritus, Computer Science, Linguistics), Richard Stryker* (Emeritus, Political Science), William Wiggins Jr.* (Emeritus, African American and African Diaspora Studies, Folklore) 

Academic Advising

Woodburn Hall 221, (812) 855-8284

Academic Bulletins

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