Nondegree Students

Special Students

Students who have not been admitted to a degree program but who intend to study primarily in one department may be admitted by that department with the approval of the dean as special students. They must apply to a department just as degree students do and should indicate their desired status.

Continuing Nondegree Students
The holder of a baccalaureate degree who wishes to study on a nondegree basis without necessarily concentrating in a single department may be admitted to the University Gradu­ate School as a continuing nondegree student. Such students may not accumulate more than 18 credit hours in a single subject area, and may enroll only in those courses for which they can obtain specific permission to register, which takes into consideration the academic background of the individual and course enrollment limitations. In addition to Indiana University tuition and mandatory fees, a program processing fee of $25 is assessed each semester. For details of admission and further information, students should consult The University Graduate School at Bloomington (Kirkwood Hall 114, [812] 856-4503, nondegr [at] indiana [dot] edu,,) or the Graduate Nondegree Program at Indianapolis (620 Union Drive, Room 207, [317] 274-1577,  A student initially admitted as a continuing nondegree student who later wishes to obtain a graduate degree must make for­mal application and be admitted to a departmental degree pro­gram. The department may then recommend to the dean that credit earned as a continuing nondegree student be applied to degree requirements. Students should be aware that certain departments and schools specifically prohibit work taken under continuing nondegree status from counting toward a degree after a student has been admitted to a degree program.

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