Undergraduate Programs

Professional Program

Courses in the professional program are sequential and must be taken in the order specified by the program faculty.

Fall Credits
Gynecologic Cytology, Normal (PATH-A 412) 3.0
Gynecologic Cytology, Abnormal (PATH-A 422) 3.0
Pulmonary Cytology (PATH-A 432) 3.0
Techniques in Medical Cytology (PATH-A 462) 2.0
Certification Internship I (PATH-A 465) 2.0
Seminar in Cytology I (PATH-A 470) 3.0
Total 16.0
Spring Credits
Cytology of Body Fluids (PATH-A 442) 2.0
Cytology of the Gastrointestinal Tract (PATH-A 453) 2.0
Urinary Tract Cytology (PATH-A 454) 2.0
Certification Internship II (PATH-A 465) 6.0
Seminar in Cytology II (PATH-A 470) 2.0
Total 14.0
Summer Credits
Cytology of Fine Needle Aspiration (PATH-A 455) 2.0
Certification Internship II (PATH-A 465) 3.0
Investigations in Cytopathology (PATH-A 490) 2.0
Total 7.0

Awards  Recommendations for degrees awarded with distinction are based upon superior academic performance. The Cytotechnology Program recognizes superior academic and professional conduct with the Liang-Che Tao Outstanding Student Award, which is awarded to a graduating senior.

Graduation Requirements  Satisfactory completion of 120 credit hours, to include 83 credit hours of prerequisite and general-education courses and 37 credit hours of professional courses. All course work must be completed in compliance with the program’s and school’s academic and professional policies.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012