Graduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Master of Science in Dentistry in Dental Materials (M.S.D.)

Graduates of the two-year postdoctoral program in Dental Materials will achieve core comptencies in Materials Knowledge, Critical Thinking, and Effective Communication.

Materials Knowledge
The graduate will be prepared to:

  1. describe major classes of dental biomaterials used in clinical dentistry;
  2. explain the differences in the chemical nature of the major classes of materials;
  3. recognize the effects of chemical nature on the mechanical behavior of materials; and
  4. describe the relationship between material characteristics and clinical performance of dental biomaterials.

Critical Thinking
The graduate will be prepared to:

  1. identify the physical and chemical principles of major material testing methods;
  2. select and justify appropriate testing methods for major classes of dental biomaterials; and
  3. formulate hypotheses and design the necessary experiments for a given material evaluation scenario.

Effective Communication
The graduate will be prepared to:

  1. present research methods and results correctly in oral and written reports;
  2. provide evidence-based arguments on research findings in oral and written reports; and
  3. provide suggestions on dental biomaterial selection based on current dental literature.