• TECH 10200 Discovering Technology (1 cr.) Designed to help students develop habits and skills that will benefit them in a college environment. An emphasis is placed on skills that will aid students in their pursuit of an engineering/technology degree; such as computer skills and problem solving.
  • TECH 10400 Technical Graphics Communications (3 cr.) This course is an introduction to the graphic language used to communicate design ideas using CAD. Topics include: Sketching, multiview drawings, auxiliary views, sections views, pictorial views and dimensioning practices as well as an introduction to three-dimensional modeling, lighting and rendering.
  • TECH 10500 Introduction to Engineering Technology (3 cr.) Introduction to the different disciplines incorporated in engineering technology as well as the skill set needed to be a successful student in engineering technology. Focus will be on individual and professional development, problem identification, developing analytical skills, time and resource management, project planning, design, implementation and evaluation, and oral and written communication in the engineering technology profession.
  • ENGR 19000 Elementary Engineering Design (3 cr.)
  • ENGR 19500 Selected Topics in Engineering I (0-3 cr.) Selected topics in general or interdisciplinary engineering.
  • ENGR 19500 Introduction to the Engineering Profession (1 cr.) Class 1. P: none. This course introduces students to the engineering profession and to campus resources. The course is designed to help students develop essential communication and thinking skills along with the study and time-management skills needed for success in studying engineering. Collaborative techniques used in engineering practice are utilized.
  • ENGR 19500 First-Year Engineering Projects (1-2 cr.)
  • ENGR 19600 Introduction to Engineering (3 cr.) Class 2, Lab 2. C: MATH 15400 or 15900 or equivalent. An overview of the engineering profession and methodologies of engineering design. Students develop skills using computer-aided design and simulation software for engineering systems. Projects and homework are implemented and tested in a laboratory environment. The course also introduces the students to standard computer application software and university network and software resources.
  • ENGR 19700 Introduction to Programming Concepts (3 cr.) C: MATH 16500. Class1, Lab 2. Basic concepts and applications of software programming for solving engineering problems. Topics include techniques for developing structured algorithms, data input and output, conditional statements, loops, recursion, functions, arrays, and elementary concepts in mathematical programming. Examples, homework, and applications of programming concepts make extensive use of the C programming language.
  • ENGR 20000 Cooperative Education Prac I (1-3 cr.)
  • ENGR 25000 Cooperative Education Prac II (1-3 cr.)
  • ENGR 29700 Computer Tools for Engineering (1 cr.) P: ENGR 19700. Class 1. Introduction to the use of Matlab for solving engineering problems. Topics include computational methods, data input and output, plotting and curvefittting, functions, conditional statements, loops, and introduction to Matlab toolboxes.
  • ENGR 30000 Cooperative Education Prac III (1-3 cr.)
  • ENGR 35000 Cooperative Education Prac IV (1-3 cr.)