Graduate Certificate in Cheminformatics

Designed for practitioners in industry, government, and academia, our four-course graduate certificate in cheminformatics will help you gain the skills to include effective cheminformatics techniques as you work with information technology.

The certificate is open to professionals throughout the country. You can attend courses in Bloomington, or you can participate remotely via teleconference and Web conference. If you live outside the United States, contact program director David Wild at to discuss possible arrangements.

Any credits you complete in the certificate program may be applied to other Indiana University programs and degrees, after admission to those programs and on those programs’ terms.


Prospective students for the graduate certificate in cheminformatics will be expected to have a strong background in either informatics/computer science or chemistry (or a related science), with some knowledge of the other field. A bachelor’s degree and admission to Indiana University are required. Contact us to learn more about admission.


Students must take four of the following five courses, for a total of 12 credits.

  • INFO I553 Independent Study in Chemical Informatics (3 cr.)
  • INFO I571 Chemical Information Technology (3 cr.)
  • INFO I572 Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modeling (3 cr.)
  • INFO I609 Advanced Seminar I in Informatics (Cheminformatics) (3 cr.)
  • INFO I709 Advanced Seminar II in Informatics (Cheminformatics) (3 cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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