Academic Policies & Procedures


Senior Residence Requirement

Students who expect to receive the B.S. degree in business from IU Bloomington must complete the final 30 credit hours of coursework toward the degree program on the Bloomington campus or in an approved program. For exceptions to this requirement, please see a business academic advisor in the Kelley School.

Graduation Applications

Candidates for the B.S. degree in business must apply for graduation online at Application deadlines are September 15 for December graduation, November 15 for May graduation, and February 1 for June or August graduation. Failure to apply by the deadline might delay the official date of graduation.

Credits for all coursework, including final term courses, independent study, correspondence, distance education, and transfer coursework, must be recorded on the candidate’s Indiana University transcript prior to the degree conferral deadline.

Statute of Limitations

Candidates for the B.S. degree in business have the right to complete the degree requirements specified by the bulletin in effect at the time they entered Indiana University, provided: (1) the required courses are available and (2) no more than eight calendar years have elapsed since the date of entry. In the event that the required courses are not available or that more than eight years have elapsed, students must apply to the Undergraduate Program Office in the Kelley School to have their programs evaluated and possibly updated to meet the degree requirements currently in effect.

Academic Bulletins

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