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Undergraduate Career Services

  • Director: Susie Clarke, B.S. (Indiana University, 1979)
  • Senior Associate Director: Scott Zanger, M.S. (Indiana University, 1991)
  • Associate Directors: Eunice Donovan, M.S. (Indiana University, 1998); Deborah Morris, B.S. (Indiana University, 1990)

The Kelley School of Business has one of the most highly regarded career services departments in the nation. Each year, hundreds of companies send representatives to interview prospective candidates with business career aspirations. Other firms provide information regarding opportunities of interest to both graduating students and juniors seeking internships. Undergraduate Career Services coordinates the recruiting programs, makes information available regarding job openings, provides networking opportunities, and refers qualified students to companies that do not interview locally. An extensive website of continuously updated career resources is available at

The Undergraduate Career Services Office (UCSO) is located in room BU P100 in the Kelley School; it serves as a meeting ground for all IU-Bloomington undergraduates seeking business careers and for business organizations seeking to employ them. To utilize these services, all students must complete certain career education requirements. For those seeking business internship opportunities, this means completing the IU-Bloomington BUS-X 220 class, Career Perspectives. For those seeking full-time career opportunities, this means completing the IU-Bloomington BUS-X 420 class, Career Planning and Placement. It is recommended that all students take X420 in the second semester of their junior year and no later than the first semester of their senior year. In these two courses, every effort is made to assist students in evaluating personal career potential, determining where individual skills can be best used, and organizing job search campaigns.

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