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Acceptable International Experience

To satisfy the international experience option, students must complete an approved study abroad program or approved study abroad internship of at least six credit hours (or a combination of programs totaling 6 credit hours; if a combination of programs is chosen, the international experiences must, at a minimum, be three weeks abroad in duration, and the student must earn at least 3 credit hours from the program for it to count as half of the 6-credit-hour requirement.) The language of instruction of these programs may be English or another world language, and the site of instruction may be any country except the United States. The following options are available, although certain prerequisites and conditions apply to some programs. In all cases, the programs will have been pre-approved for credit by the Overseas Study Advisory Council (1-3 below) or the Office of International Admissions (4 below):

  1. IU-administered programs
  2. IU co-sponsored programs
  3. IU autonomous programs
  4. Non-IU programs that have been approved in advance by the Office of International Admissions via approval of the Credit Transfer Agreement Form.

For information about opportunities for studying abroad, see the Web site of the IU Overseas Study Program. Following completion of an approved international experience, a student must contact the School of HPER recorder to request a notation of completion of the world languages and cultures requirement on the student's academic advisement report.

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