Courses by Department

Interdepartmental and Technical Courses

Interdepartmental Graduate
  • HPER-G 599 Thesis Research (0 cr.)
  • HPER-G 901 Advanced Research (6 cr.)
Interdepartmental and Technical
  • HPER-T 500 Current Interdisciplinary Topics (1–3 cr.) A flexible format course that facilitates the cooperation of two or more departments in presenting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of important topics of current mutual interest.
  • HPER-T 590 Introduction to Research in Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation (3 cr.) Methods and techniques of research; potential and completed problems analyzed with view to selection of topics; standards for writing research papers.
  • HPER-T 591 Interpretation of Data in Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation (3 cr.) Elementary and essential statistical and graphical techniques for analysis and interpretation of data; practice with actual data.
  • HPER-T 592 Statistical Techniques of Research in Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation (3 cr.) Theory of advanced statistical techniques; practical applications with actual data.
  • HPER-T 593 Public Relations (3 cr.)

    Principles of public relations, human relations, identification, and analysis of publics, problem solving, and techniques in communication media.

  • HPER-T 594 Finance and Budgeting (3 cr.) Sources of revenue and budgetary procedures for public leisure service agencies. Fund management, financial analysis, purchasing, contractual agreements, and other fiscal concerns.
  • HPER-T 595 Construction and Analysis of Achievement Tests in Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation (3 cr.) Principles of construction, selection, interpretation of written achievement tests in health and safety, physical education and recreation, and other evaluative procedures; analysis of standardized tests. Project required to apply principles involved.
  • HPER-T 691 Multivariate Statistical Analysis (3 cr.) P: HPER-T 592. Multivariate statistical techniques and analytical procedures commonly used in applied research. The topics include matrix algebra, data screening. Multiple regression, multivariate analysis of variance and covariance, discriminant function analysis, logistic regression, and principle components and factor analysis.
  • HPER-T 693 Experimental Analysis and Design (3 cr.) P: HPER-T 592 with a grade of B or better. Principles and resources for designing and analyzing experiments using ANOVA models. Includes between and within subjects designs, factorial arrangements and nested designs, analysis of covariance, trends, statistical power and effect size. Incorporates computer programs.

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