Policies & Procedures

Grading System

Grade Appeals

Students in Bloomington seeking to make an appeal are told by the Undergraduate Program Office to first meet with the professor to understand and resolve the issue. If the student then feels they are at an impasses they may make an appeal to the Director, Undergraduate Programs. The director will meet individually with the student and the professor to learn about the situation and hopefully find a resolution. If no resolution is arrive at, the Director will make a final decision, informing both the student and the professor with a copy to the SPEA Executive Associate Dean.

Students in Indianapolis have 90 days after the conclusion of a course to appeal a grade. Resolution of the issue with the class instructor must be attempted before submitting a written appeal to the appropriate program director. In the event the instructor for the Indianapolis campus cannot be contacted, the student must give a notice of intent to appeal at 90 days.

Academic Bulletins

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