Annual tuition for students in the M.D. program in the School of Medicine for 2010/2011 is $29,652.50 for residents of the state of Indiana and $42,980.50 for nonresidents. A General Fee that contains University assessments for student activities, athletic development, technology, and general services is also assessed to all students with each registration and is included with the tuition charge. Specific assessments associated with class year and center of instruction are also levied. All students are required to carry personal health insurance. Students not covered under an insurance policy meeting certain minimal criteria as determined by the school must enroll in the school-sponsored health insurance plan at an annual cost of $2,800.00 for 2010/2011. Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees. All fees may be confirmed by contacting the school.

An application fee of $50 is required of all new applicants for admission to Indiana University.

Students taking Graduate School courses should consult the appropriate graduate office for relevant fee information.

The School of Medicine possesses a sufficient number of excellent binocular microscopes to meet the needs of all of its students. These are available on a use-charge basis. If a student wishes to provide his or her own microscope, it must meet rigid specifications and be approved by the microscope committee of the School of Medicine. Storage space for personal microscopes is not available in the teaching laboratories.

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