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  • EDUC-W 501 Integrating Technology in Teaching (1 cr.) P: Basic computer skills (e.g., MS Office). C: Field Experience. This course is designed to provide skills and experiences that will allow effective and appropriate integration of technology into teaching and learning activities. Class will teach developed lessons and activities to a group of students during field experience. B
  • EDUC-W 515 Technology Leadership (3 cr.) During this course, students will participate in several online learning modules including leadership and change, policy and procedure, technology budgeting, professional development, data analysis, and planning. I
  • EDUC-W 520 Instructional Technology (3 cr.) An exploration of computer-related technology, computer peripherals, and their applications across the curriculum. Technical issues and applications will be studied through research and projects using a variety of software and hardware. I
  • EDUC-W 531 Computers in Education (3 cr.) A survey of computer technology as applied to instructional processes. Students will be introduced to a variety of computer systems and to the ways computers are used in instruction and classroom management. I
  • EDUC-W 540 Computers in the Curriculum (3 cr.) Focuses on developing instructional techniques. Students will address instructional design issues, instructional strategies, and planning techniques. Also, students will explore modern trends in using educational technology and will examine issues of integrating computer technology into the classroom. I
  • EDUC-W 550 Research in Instructional Computing (3 cr.) Study of a variety of emerging technologies that have impacted the field of education in recent years. Students will examine current research in the field of educational technology. I
  • EDUC-W 590 Independent Study in Computer Education (1-6 cr.) Individual study or research for students exploring issues in educational technology. To be arranged with a technology faculty member in advance of registration. A one- or two-page written proposal should be submitted to the instructor during the first week of the term specifying the scope of the project, project activities, meeting times, completion date, and student product(s). Ordinarily W590 will not be used for the study of material taught in a regularly scheduled course. This course is offered within IU system.)

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