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Master of Social Work

Katelyn McBridePictured | Katelyn McBride | Master of Social Work  | La Grange, Indiana (hometown)
Club Affiliations | The National Society of Leadership and Success; Delight

Master of Social Work

Any elective taken outside of the Master of Social Work degree program must be approved in advance.

All classes are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted.

Program Requirements (60 cr.)
  • SWK-S 502 Research I
  • SWK-S 505 Social Policy Analysis and Practice
  • SWK-S 506 Introduction to the Social Work Profession (1 cr.)
  • SWK-S 507 Diversity, Human Rights, and Social Justice
  • SWK-S 508 Generalist Theory and Practice
  • SWK-S 509 Social Work Practice II: Organizations, Communities, Society
  • SWK-S 517 Assessment in Mental Health and Addictions
  • SWK-S 518 Clinical Theory and Practice
  • SWK-S 519 Community and Global Theory and Practice
  • SWK-S 555 Social Work Practicum I
  • SWK-S 618 Social Policies and Services
  • SWK-S 623 Practice Evaluation
  • SWK-S 651 Social Work Practicum II (4 cr.)
  • SWK-S 652 Social Work Practicum III (4 cr.)
  • SWK-S 661 Executive Leadership Practice
  • SWK-S 683 Community Based Practice in Mental Health and Addictions
  • SWK-S 685 Mental Health and Addiction Practice with Individuals or Families
  • SWK-S 686 Social Work Practice: Addictions
  • SWK-S 687 Mental Health and Addiction Practice with Groups
SWK-S 600–Level Focus Area Elective (3 cr.)
Spring Semester Option
  • SWK-S 619 Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents; OR
    SWK-S 662 Fiscal Management, Marketing, and Resource Development
Summer Semester Option
  • SWK-S 616 Social Work Practice in Schools; OR
    SWK-S 696 Social Work Practice Confronting Loss, Grief, Death, and Bereavement

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