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History and Philosophy of Science | HPSC

Hammes Library displayHistory and Philosophy of Science | HPSC

P Prerequisite | C Co-requisite | R Recommended
I Fall Semester | II Spring Semester | S Summer Session/s

  • HPSC-T 390 Literary and Intellectual Traditions (3 cr.) Interdisciplinary exploration of a humanistic tradition of inquiry regarding one of the following themes: ideas of self; of truth; of beauty; of community; of nature; of conflict. Writing intensive, discussion - focus. Attention to primary texts and research materials.
  • HPSC-X 100 Human Perspectives on Science (3 cr.) Selected issues in the history and philosophy of science. Individual sections will vary in content and major themes, but all will employ case studies to examine the philosophical, cultural, institutional, and social impact of science on our lives. Departmental fliers, available at registration time, will describe each section in detail.
  • HPSC-X 200 Scientific Reasoning (3 cr.) P: Must have earned an ALEKS Assessment score of 36 or better or a Math Placement Level 3 or grade of D- or better in MATH-A 100 or M 111 to enroll. Can be currently enrolled. Transfer credit accepted. Patterns of scientific reasoning presented in a simple form useful to both non-scientists and prospective scientists for understanding and evaluating scientific information of all sorts. Illustrations in the natural, biological, behavioral, and bio-medical sciences are drawn from a wide variety of historical and contemporary sources, including popular magazines and newspapers. May be repeated twice
  • HPSC-X 220 Issues in Science: Humanistic (3 cr.) General topics and themes in the history and philosophy of science. Departmental fliers, available at registration time, will describe each section in detail. May be repeated once for credit with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • HPSC-X 303 Introduction to Philosophy of Science (3 cr.) P: Course in science or consent of instructor. Scientific explanation, discovery, and theory testing. Do logic and mathematics have empirical content? Philosophical issues in the sciences: causality, space-time, freewill, the science of human behavior.
  • HPSC-X 336 Religion and Science (3 cr.) Covers ancient Egypt to the 20th century. Topics will include the evolving relations between pagan Greek science and Christianity during late antiquity and the Middle Ages; the Copernican theory, Galileo, and the Church; Newtonian science and natural religion; Genesis, geology, and the Darwinian theory of evolution.

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