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Studio Minor in Photography

Pictured | Aubrie Williamson | Photography | South Bend, Indiana (hometown)

Studio Minor in Photography (18 cr.)

  • The following minor is open to all IU South Bend students, including fine arts majors.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted.

Art History Courses (3 cr.)

Select one from the following:

  • AHST-A 303 Art Since 1945
  • AHST-A 308 Modern Art 1900-1945
  • AHST-A 477 History of Photography

Fundamental Courses (3 cr.)

Select one from the following:

  • FINA-F 100 Fundamental Studio-Drawing
  • FINA-F 101 Fundamental Studio-3D
  • FINA-F 102 Fundamental Studio–2D

Studio Courses (12 cr.)
  • FINA-S 291 Fundamentals of Photogrphy
  • FINA-S 392 Intermediate Photography

Select two from the following:

  • FINA-A 190 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity
    VT: Point and Shoot
  • FINA-A 399 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity
    VT: The Photographic Portrait
  • FINA-A 399 Art, Aetshetics, and Creativity
    VT: American Landscape Photography
  • FINA-A 399 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity
    VT: Documentary Photography
  • FINA-A 399 Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity
    VT: Street Photography in Florence
  • FINA-S 300 Video Art
  • FINA-S 304 Digital Imaging
  • FINA-S 406 Artificial Lighting
  • FINA-S 407 Alternative Processes in Photography
  • FINA-S 423 Large Format Photography
  • FINA-S 495 Advanced Photo Systems
  • FINA-S 497 Independent Study in Studio Art

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