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Minor in Media, Culture, and Society

Melissa SwansonPictured | Melissa Swanson | Communication Studies, Media, Society, and Culture / Minor in Leadership and Management
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Minor in Media Culture and Society

The Minor in Media, Culture and Society is aimed at providing a program that focuses on one of the major areas in Communication Studies. Media, Culture and Society is often acknowledged as Media Studies, which is a theory-centered field with an emphasis on historical and cultural analyses of media representations, audience and media’s impact on the larger cultural and societal contexts. The area is often linked to the Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, applying the interdisciplinary theories and methods from Humanities as well as Social Sciences. While the current curriculum in the Mass Communication minor applies existing courses to cover this area of study, the new curriculum will provide more focus in examining the central issues and academic trends that are important for this subject. What students can benefit from this new program are the in-depth knowledge and skills for critical thinking as an active member of the media audience, media consumer and democratic society.

In addition, the program provides perspective reflecting expert knowledge, and will stimulate intellectual and professional knowledge to strengthen students when working in their chosen professional careers or when seeking an advanced degree at any professional or graduate program.

  • Students must complete all requirements in the minor with a grade of C or higher.
  • All course are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted.

Minor Requirements (15 cr.)
  • JOUR-C 200 Introduction to Mass Communications
  • JOUR-J 410 Media as Social Institutions
  • TEL-R 287 Processes and Effects of Mass Communication

Select two from the following:

  • JOUR-J 300 Communications Law
  • SPCH-S 335 Media and Health
  • SPCH-S 427 Cross Cultural Communication
  • TEL-R 404 Topical Seminar in Telecommunications
  • TEL-T 313 Comparative Media Systems

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