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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions | MFET

  • MFET 248000 Introduction to Robotics (3 cr.)
    This course introduces the fundamental concepts of robotics with emphasis on hands-on experience in programming and application of articulated industrial robots. Topics covered include introduction of robotics, robot classifications, robot programming, end-of-arm tooling, safety considerations, automation sensors, robot and system integration, and fundamentals of kinematics.
  • MFET 29200 Projects in Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics (1-3 cr.)
    Hours, subject matter, and credit to be arranged by faculty. Course is for supervised project development, subject to MFET curriculum subcommittee approval. Intended for lower division students. Permission of instructor required
  • MFET 30000 Application of Automation in Manufacturing (3 cr.) P: ECET 21400 or ECET 22400, MET 24500.
    Basic introduction to automation applications in manufacturing and the impact of computer-based systems on a manufacturing company. Coverage includes practices and the various issues related to the application of computer-integrated manufacturing. Emphasis placed on CAD, CAM, CNC, robotics, industrial control elements, PLCs, and computer-based process controls.
  • MFET 34200 Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Practices (3 cr.) P: MFET 34400
    This course will address advanced manufacturing processes and practices. Topics include: the impact of product manufacturability upon manufacturing operations, concurrent engineering, rapid prototyping, nontraditional manufacturing processes, and design specifications for manufacturing tooling and machinery.
  • MFET 34400 Automated Manufacturing (3 cr.) P: MET 24500.
    Shop floor components of computer-integrated manufacturing are explored. Emphasis is focused on current applications and programming practices of various computer automated manufacturing processes and technologies. Topics include CAD/CAM integration, computer-assisted numerical control programming for 2 ½ and 3 axis contouring, and CNC program verification.
  • MFET 34800 Advanced Industrial Robotics (3 cr.) P: MFET 24800 & ECET 33700
    This course introduces the fundamentals of robotics with emphasis on solutions to the basic problems in kinematics, dynamics, and control of robot manipulators of serial type. It covers modeling of rigid body motion, kinematics of articulated multi-body systems, robot dynamics and simulation, sensing and actuation, robot controls, task planning, and robot operations.
  • MFET 37400 Manufacturing Integration (3 cr.) P: MET 28400.
    The fundamentals of data communications and local area networks are taught in order to show students how to integrate modern manufacturing systems. Emphasis is on the various levels of communications between shop floor computers, PLCs, robots, and automatic identification equipment. Database technology is used as an integration tool.This course prepares students for the MFET capstone course.
  • MFET 39200 Advanced Projects in Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics (1-3 cr.)
     Hours, subject matter, and credit to be arranged by faculty. Course is for supervised project development, subject to MFET curriculum subcommittee approval. Intended for upper division students. Instructor permission required.

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