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Checkpoint Two

Pictured | Sarah Hurt | Elementary Education, Special Education | La Porte, Indiana (hometown)

Checkpoint Two—

Prior to Student Teaching

Elementary Education Majors

Candidates who are elementary education majors should take Block III classes the semester before student teaching. Candidates will be informed in Block II classes about the requirements for successful completion of Checkpoint Two. Requirements for candidate evaluation at checkpoint two will consist of lesson plans, reflections, field observation forms, and other artifacts from the professional education coursework, which will be submitted through the Taskstream data management system.

Block classes are groups of classes that are linked together during registration for convenience and to ensure that courses required to be taken concurrently are offered together. Students who have questions about the block system should speak with an Education Advisor.

Secondary Education Majors

Candidates who are secondary education majors will submit artifacts from professional education courses for review during Checkpoint Two. Instructors for artifact-bearing courses will inform secondary majors about which artifacts will be reviewed, and provide information for submission through the Taskstream data management system. Assignments will include unit plans and lessons, analysis of assessment data, and observation forms from field experiences. In addition, all secondary education majors must take and pass at least one content state licensure examination in their licensure areas to pass Checkpoint Two. Candidates who have questions about Checkpoint Two should speak with an education advisor, or their secondary education course instructors.

Special Education Majors

Candidates who are completing special education coursework need to complete artifacts in the following courses for Checkpoint Two:

  • EDUC-K 300 Developmental Characteristics of Exceptional Individuals
  • EDUC-K 305 Teaching the Exceptional Learner in the Elementary School; OR
    EDUC-K 306 Teaching Students with Special Needs in Secondary Classrooms
  • EDUC-K 345 Academic and Behavioral Assessment of the Mildly Handicapped Child
  • EDUC-K 452 Classroom Management

Candidates will be required to upload documents and artifacts for Checkpoint Two review to the Taskstream data management system. Special Education students will be informed about the process for uploading documents during their professional education courses.

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