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Mechanical Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science

The careers of mechanical engineering technology graduates take them to a variety of employers (e.g. Rockwell Automation, Fender Guitars, Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar). Yet they have many skills in common: problem-solving, leadership and teamwork. The program focuses on the methods, materials, machinery and manpower necessary to effectively operate in a manufacturing environment. You'll learn how to manage people, machines, and production resources to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Areas of emphasis include micro-manufacturing, sustainable energy, and robotics.

Students will be prepared for careers in product improvement, industrial processes and plant operations. They will learn communication skills that allow interaction with technical and non-technical colleagues and benefit from faculty experience in industrial careers. Students will also participate in applied research projects with professors to gain experience solving real-world technical problems.

Program Requirements
  • ·120 semester credits and a 2.0 Graduation GPA are required for the Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Students must earn a "D-" or better in all courses unless otherwise noted. 
  • Courses at Purdue University may only be attempted a maximum of three (3) times, including W, WF, I, IF and all graded attempts.
  • 32 credit hours of 300-level or higher courses must be completed at the Purdue University location conferring the degree.
  • Complete the Global / Intercultural Requirement (ungraded) See Academic Advisor
  • Complete the Professional Requirement (ungraded) See Academic Advisor
  • All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.
  • All courses are offered by Purdue, unless noted.
First Year (32 cr.)
First Semester
  • Freshman Composition Selective
  • CGT 11000 Technical Graphics Communications
  • ENGT 18000 Engineering Technology Foundations
  • ENGT 18100 Engineering Technology Foundations Lab (1 cr.)
  • MET 14300 Materials and Processes I
  • TECH 12000 Design Thinking in Technology
Second Semester
  • MA 16010 Applied Calculus I
  • MET 10200 Production Design and Specifications
  • MET 11100 Applied Statistics
  • MET 14400 Materials and Processes II
  • PHYS 22000 General Physics I; OR
    PHYS-P 201 General Physics 1 (IU South Bend); OR
    PHYS-P 221 Physics 1 (IU South Bend) (4-5 cr.)

Second Year (32 cr.)
Third Semester
  • ECET 22400 Electronic Systems
  • MA 16020 Applied Calculus II
  • MET 21100 Applied Strength of Materials (4 cr.)
  • MET 21300 Dynamics
  • MET 24500 Manufacturing Systems
Fourth Semester
  • COM 11400 Fundamental of Speech Communication; OR
    SPCH-S 121 Public Speaking (IU South Bend)
  • Programming Selective
  • MET 28400 Introduction to Industrial Controls
  • MET 23000 Fluid Power
  • PHYS 22100 General Physics II; OR
    PHYS-P 202 General Physics 1 (IU South Bend); OR
    PHYS-P 222 Physics 2 (IU South Bend) (4-5 cr.)

Third Year (32 cr.)
Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester

 Fourth Year (27 cr.)
 Seventh Semester
  • MET Capstone Selective I
  • COM 32000 Small Group Communication OR
    SPCH-S 229 Discussion and Group Methods (IU South Bend)
  • IET 45100 Monetary Analysis for Industrial Decisions OR
    TLI 33400 Economic Analysis for Technology
  • MET 31300 Fluid Mechanics
  • Mechanics Selective
Eighth Semester

CAND 99100

Course that students must enroll when registering for the last course for the certificate. There are no fees assessed for this course. No class attendance is required and no grade will be issued.

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