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Withdrawal-Classes and IU South Bend

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Withdrawal Policy

Important Note | Students with financial aid must contact the Office of Financial Aid and Student Scholarships prior to withdrawing from any course due to possible financial consequences.

Withdrawal from Classes

Termination of class attendance does not constitute official withdrawal and results in a grade of F. Students must officially withdraw from the course.

Students who withdraw from their classes should initiate a drop or withdrawal request through OneStart the day they quit attending classes. Students who fail to officially withdraw receive grades of F in all courses in which they are enrolled.


Students can drop their classes anytime after registering for their classes through the first week of classes by following the Register and Drop/Add link in the OneStart Student Center. Classes dropped during this period do not show on the student’s permanent record.

Withdrawal With Automatic Grade of W

Withdrawal requests beginning the second week of classes should be initiated through an eDrop request in OneStart. Students who withdraw before the end of the ninth week of a regular semester or before the end of the fourth week during a summer session automatically receive a grade of W on the date of withdrawal. The only exceptions are:

  • Students in music ensembles or applied music should contact the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts for information on withdrawals.

Withdrawal with Grade of W or F

Withdrawal requests initiated after the ninth week in spring and fall semesters and the fourth week in summer sessions must be due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. Appropriate forms for processing late withdrawals must be obtained by the student from the Gateway Information Center or the office of their academic program.

In addition to the signature and assigned grade of W or F by the instructor, the student must obtain the signature of their academic program head. Poor performance in a course is not considered grounds for a late withdrawal. Additional details and dates are outlined in the Schedule of Classes. No withdrawal forms will be processed in the Office of the Registrar after the last day of classes. Requests for withdrawal after the last day of classes must follow the grade appeal process.

Withdrawal from IU South Bend

Students must notify their academic advisor if they intend to withdraw from all of their classes during the semester. Students who plan on leaving the university for an extended period of time, defined as one or more semesters for reasons other than graduation, are expected to notify their academic advisor of their plans, reasons for their departure and if applicable, an estimated return date.

See also | Withdrawal for Reserves Called to Active Duty

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