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Student Teaching Policies

Pictured | Kiersten James | Elementary Education | Berrien Springs, Michigan (hometown)
Brianna Stines | Seondary Education | Mishawaka, Indiana (hometown)
Recipients of the "Outstanding Student Teacher Award" from the Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Student Teaching Policies

Application for Student Teaching Placement
Student Teaching Eligibility Requirements

Check the School of Education website for the current eligibility policy.

Prior to beginning student teaching and practica, undergraduate and graduate certification candidates must:

  1. Be admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) and in current good standing.
  2. Demonstrated completion of requirements of Checkpoints One and Two and/or artifact requirements at both undergraduate and graduate levels, as indicated by  program.
  3. For Secondary Education teacher candidates, submitted passing scores on Pearson Content Assessments.
  4. Complete all required courses for their specific degree program with grades posted on the transcript which meet the following standards:
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.75
  • A minimum GPA in professional education courses of 2.5 with no grade in these courses less than C (2.0)

5. Meet the following requirements for specific degree program or major areas:

  • Elementary education candidates must achieve a grade of C (2.0) or better in all required courses.
  • Secondary education majors and secondary graduate certification candidates must attain a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 in education and a GPA of 2.5 in content area courses with all grades of at least a C (2.0).

6. Resolve all Incomplete (I) courses by the end of the semester prior to the student teaching experience. Course grades must meet the above standards.

7. Complete all correspondence courses with grades posted to the transcript prior to beginning the candidate’s student teaching experience. Correspondence courses must be completed by the last week of July if candidates applied to student teach in the fall semester and by the last week in November if candidates applied to student teach in the spring semester.

8. For Cross-Campus Collaboration courses, grades must be submitted no later than two days after the date of final grade submission for the host campus.

9. Attend an informational session the semester prior to submitting the Student Teaching Application and Resume Packet, which explains eligibility requirements and the application process for student teaching and practica.

10. After attending one of the informational sessions, submit a student teaching application and resume packet to the Director of Student Teaching and Clinical Practice.

  • This packet must be submitted by the first day of Spring classes for students planning to student teach during the following fall semester and the first day of Fall classes for students planning to student teaching during the following spring semester.
  • This deadline is in fall or spring of the semester prior to the student teaching semester. For example, candidates planning to student teach during the fall 2017 must submit their Student Teaching Application and Resume Packet by the first day of classes for the spring 2016 semester and students planning to student teach during the spring 2017 semester must submit their application materials by the first day of classes for the fall 2016 semester. Late applications are considered on a case-by-case basis if accompanied by a letter of explanation; however, student teaching placements are not guaranteed for late applicants.
  • Communication with the Director of Student Teaching and Clinical Practice is imperative for any questions, concerns, or changes in information presented in the application and for late submissions.

11. Applications are only valid for the academic year listed on the application. If a student teaching experience must be postponed beyond that academic year, the student is responsible for contacting the Director of Student Teaching and Clinical Practice to update their Student Teaching Application and Resume Packet.

12. Candidates will select faculty members to complete a Dispositions Assessment as a recommendation for student teaching.

13. Attend a student teaching Pairs Workshop and orientation session prior to beginning in student teaching. Notifications of these sessions will be disseminated to teacher candidates via their IUSB email address.

14. Meet with academic advisors to be sure all course requirements are completed prior to student teaching. If it is determined that a candidate has not met degree program requirements, the candidate may be removed at any time from the student teaching or practicum experience. A student teaching placement is not a guarantee that requirements have been met, nor is the process of determining eligibility to be considered a substitute for meeting with an advisor. Candidates found ineligible for student teaching or practica because they did not meet the above criteria may appeal through the Issues Resolution process.

15. Candidates are allowed to state preferences for student teaching placements, but the first priority is to place according to availability of qualified cooperating teachers. The following restrictions apply to student teaching placements. Candidates may not student teach at schools (and in some instances in school corporations):

  • where they have been employed; however, candidates may student teach where they have been substitute teachers.
  • where they have been school board members or are related to a school board member.
  • out-of-state, except in certain school districts in southern Michigan which have a contractual agreement with Indiana University.
  • attended by their children or where a relative is employed. If a relative is employed in a central administrative position, candidates may not be allowed to student teach in the school corporation.
  • where they have attended as a student.

16. Candidates who wish to complete student teaching in areas outside of a 20 mile radius of IU South Bend are required to meet with the Director of Student Teaching and Clinical Practice prior to submitting the Student Teaching Application and Resume Packet.

17. Candidates wishing to pursue student teaching through a study abroad program must visit the Global Gateway for Teachers website at

It is the candidate’s responsibility to complete forms accurately. If it is discovered that a candidate did not provide accurate information and is placed in a school where one of the above limitations applies, the individual may be removed from the student teaching assignment.

To ensure that the student teaching office has accurate information, candidates must notify the director of student teaching and clinical practice via e-mail if any changes (name, address, phone number, etc.) occur between the time of application and the start of student teaching.

Removal from Student Teaching, Practicum Experiences, and Internships

In conjunction with the cooperating teacher and university supervisor, the director of student teaching and clinical practice determines if a candidate should be removed from a student teaching placement. The director of student teaching and clinical practice notifies the candidate, school, and school corporation. When a student teacher is removed from a placement, the reasons are explained to the candidate. If the candidate wishes to attempt a second placement, a Letter of Concern is written and  the candidate is required to satisfactorily complete a professional improvement plan before he or she is assigned a second placement. The professional improvement plan is a written document created by the Director of Student Teaching and Clinical Practice with input provided by the cooperating teacher, university supervisor, and teacher candidate. The department chair is involved as needed and must sign the plan. The director of student teaching and clinical practice may enlist the assistance of the department chair, dean, or a designee in determining if the student teacher’s progress is satisfactory and warrants a second placement. Written professional development plans must adequately address all areas of concern and be aligned with IU South Bend standards. The director of student teaching and clinical practice determines if the candidate is to receive an Incomplete or Fail for the semester according to grading policies, or if the candidate is to withdraw from the course.

Candidates are only provided two opportunities for successful placements. The second placement is in the next spring or fall semester following the semester in which the candidate is withdrawn from the first placement.

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