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Probation, Dismissal, Reinstatement After Admission

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Probation, Dismissal, and Reinstatement

After Admission to Teacher Education Program

Probation and Dismissal

Candidates admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) are on probation for the duration of the next regular semester or summer session following the one in which they fail to attain a 2.75 CGPA. Candidates then need to obtain at least a 2.5 semester GPA the following semester, or risk dismissal from the school. If the CGPA is below 2.75 for two successive semesters, candidates are required to make an appointment with their academic advisor to sign an academic contract. They are also placed on checklist and require the academic advisor’s approval for registration in all classes. They are not allowed to preregister for any classes. If candidates do not meet the terms of the academic contract, they are dismissed from the School of Education.

In the case of serious illness or other extenuating circumstances, candidates are allowed to present pertinent information to the Office of Education Student Services and/or the dean of the School of Education. The above regulations may then be waived if conditions warrant.

Appeal and Readmission

Candidates may petition for readmission to the school by using the Issues Resolution form. Once dismissed, the candidate must wait for at least one fall or one spring semester before applying to the Curriculum and Standards Committee of the School of Education for readmission. Deadlines for submitting the petition form to the Office of Education Student Services for the Curriculum and Standards Committee are:

Semester | Date
Spring | October 1
Fall | June 1
Summer | March 1

Candidates dismissed from the Teacher Education Program, but are still in good standing with the university, may transfer to another academic program. They may not resume preeducation major status.

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