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Students are ordinarily subject to the curricular requirements outlined in the Bulletin in effect at the start of their current degree. See below for links to previous Bulletins (bulletins prior to 2013-2014 are in PDF format only).

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About Integrated New Media Studies

students in the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the ArtsAbout Integrated New Media Studies

Integrated New Media Studies (INMS) is a uniquely interdisciplinary, rapidly developing area of research, creative activity, and professional development. The computer and computer technologies are at the core of our program, the means of preparation, production, exhibition, application, and distribution. Our mission is to educate our students in a wide range of new media creative, critical, and aesthetic skills, as well as techniques, processes, and procedures applicable to careers in art, communication, business, industry, government, and the professions.  Students may choose from four degree offerings:

  • B.F.A. in INMS with a group focus and a minor
  • B.F.A. in INMS with a concentration in informatics
  • B.F.A. in INMS with a concentration in video and motion media
  • B.F.A. in INMS with a concentration in interactive media

Transfer Credit Hours

As applicable within the B.F.A. in INMS degree, students may transfer credit hours earned at other IU campuses or under articulation agreement with Ivy Tech Community College without portfolio review, subject to IU South Bend Transfer of Credit policy (see index of this bulletin). Otherwise, transfer students with studio credit hours from their previous institutions must submit portfolios for faculty evaluation, as well as course descriptions and syllabi, where available. Specific procedures for the submission of transfer credit hours may be found on the INMS area website.

Upper-Divisional Review

All students in the INMS program are considered pre-B.F.A. students until they complete an upper-divisional review. Ordinarily, this review is scheduled when the student has successfully completed 50 to 60 credit hours distributed across all degree categories. Within these credit hours, students need to have completed coursework in lower-level studio and production courses sufficient that, on the basis of projects and exercises completed in these courses, the INMS faculty may judge students’ probable success in undertaking upper-level coursework and completing the degree. INMS faculty members advise appropriate courses and monitor students’ progress prior to upper-divisional review. A review is scheduled when the faculty judges that, in consideration of a student’s program of study, the student has had sufficient opportunity to produce work demonstrating appropriate progress in the degree.

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