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Purdue Polytechnic South Bend | Organizational Leadership

Supply Chain Management Technology

Bachelor of Science

We live in the age of globalization and our society is dependent upon their supply chains to manage the flow of goods, services and information. You will study the entire supply chain enterprise, yet have the flexibility to select courses for your chosen career path (purchasing, distribution and product management, sales management, or logistics and materials handling).

Courses focus on a systems approach where you can understand how each area of the supply chain interacts with and relies on the rest. This program will help prepare you for a career that demands expertise in business analysis, communication and teamwork, technological know-how, data processing, and leadership.

Supply chain management professionals work in virtually every industry—manufacturing or service, governmental, educational or retail. Different job titles or functions may be working as a buyer, negotiating contracts, inventory manager, an import/export goods manager, transportation manager, supplier relations, supplier selection, operations, warehousing, benchmarking, e-commerce, recycling, technology, and customer relations.

Program Requirements

All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.

All classes are offered by Purdue unless otherwise noted.

First Year (31 cr.)
First Semester
  • MA 15800 Precalculus–Functions and Trigonometry
  • MET 14300 Materials and Processes I; OR
    MET 14400 Materials and Processes II
  • TECH 12000 Design Thinking in Technology
  • TLI 11100 Introduction to Manufacturing and Supply Chain Systems
  • Written Communication Foundation Selective
Second Semester
Second Year (30 cr.)
Third Semester
  • ECON 21000 Principles of Economics; OR
    ECON-E 103 Introduction to Microeconomics (IU South Bend); OR
    ECON-E 104 Introduction to Macroeconomics (IU South Bend)
  • PSY-P 12000 Elementary Psychology; OR
    PSY-P 103 General Psychology (IU South Bend); OR
    SOC 10000 Intro to Sociology; OR
    SOC-S 161 Principles of Sociology (IU South Bend)
  • TLI 21300 Project Management
  • TLI 21400 Intro Supply Chain Management Technology
  • TLI 23500 Intro to Lean and Sustainable Systems
Fourth Semester
Third Year (30 cr.)
Fifth Semester
  • MGMT 32300; OR
    BUS-M 301 Introduction to Marketing Management (IU South Bend)
  • TLI 31300 Tech Innovation: Biometrics
  • TLI 31400 Leading Innovation in Organizations
  • TLI 31600 Statistical Quality Control
  • Technical Selective
Sixth Semester
  • TLI 31500 Innovative Product Dev and Testing
  • TLI 34200 Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • TLI 34250 Purchasing and Contract Management
  • TLI 34300 Technical and Service Selling
  • TLI 43530 Operations Plan and Management
Fourth Year (30 cr.)
Seventh Semester
  • TLI 41400 Financial Analysis for Tech Systems
  • TLI 34350 B2B Sales Management
  • TLI 44275 Global Transportation and Logistics Management
  • TLI 48490 SCMT Capstone I
  • Internship Experience (0 cr.)
  • Free Elective
Eighth Semester

CAND 99100

Course that students must enroll when registering for the last course for the certificate. There are no fees assessed for this course. No class attendance is required and no grade will be issued.

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