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Health Sciences | HSC

Health Sciences | HSC

P Prerequisite | C Co-requisite | R Recommended
I Fall Semester | II Spring Semester | S Summer Session/s

  • HSC-A 291 Internship in Health Sciences I (1-6 cr.) Under the advisement of a faculty member and supervision of an assigned specialist at the placement site, the student will work or otherwise actively participate in the related setting, toward the completion of internship objectives; primarily consisting of participation in volunteer activity at community sites.  Internships will vary between students but must be completed in less than one academic year.  This health science internship is an introduction to community site involvement.
  • HSC-A 491 Internship in Health Sciences (1-6 cr.)

    Under the advisement of a faculty member and supervision of an assigned specialist at the placement site, the student will work or otherwise actively participate in the related setting, toward the completion of an internship project. Projects will vary in duration and subject matter, but will be completed in less than one academic year. 

  • HSC-B 352 Health Systems Leadership and Performance Improvement (3 cr.) This course addresses the leadership of organizations that deliver healthcare services such as hospitals, nursing homes, multi-specialty clinics, and home health care agencies, with an emphasis on performance improvement in these organizations. Students will examine principles of effective management including organizational design, motivation, leadership, conflict management, teamwork, and strategic alliances.
  • HSC-B 371 Human Resources in Management Health Care (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-C 360 Philosophical oundations of Coaching (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-E 443 Public Health Education Methods (3 cr.) This course examines the process and methods in health education and the principles used to facilitate health behavior change, which will enhance quality of life for families, individuals, and communities.
  • HSC-F 144 Fundamentals of Human Movement (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-F 366 Health Problems in the Community (3 cr.)

    An overview of the nation’s health and contributing factors to health and health care.

  • HSC-H 101 Introduction to Health Sciences (1-3 cr.) A foundational overview of health science.  Topics include the versatility of a health sciences degree, an overview of various professions within health care, health promotion, and health education with a focus on interprofessional education and practice.
  • HSC-H 201 Alternative Careers in Health Science (1-6 cr.) A survey lecture series exploring the diversity of employment options available for students of health sciences. Health care workers from around the region will present their unique career stories and perspectives; fostering an increased awareness of regional health care opportunities. May be repeated twice for total of 6 credits.
  • HSC-H 322 Epidemiology and Biostatistics (1-6 cr.)

    This course introduces the basic concepts of epidemiology and biostatistics as applied to public health.  Epidemiology is known as the principal science of public health, and is the study of the distribution and determinants of health conditions or events among populations. Emphasis is placed on the methods of epidemiological investigation, appropriate summaries and displays of data and the use of statistical approaches to describe the health of populations.

  • HSC-H 325 Foundations of Health Education (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-H 327 Introduction to Public and Community Health (1-3 cr.) A foundational overview of public and community health.  Includes polices and functions of governmental health organizations, prevention of diseases and injuries in the population, the basic health sciences (epidemiology, behavioral and social sciences, environmental health) and future directions of public and community health.
  • HSC-H 331 Environmental Health (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-H 401 Needs and Capacity Assessment (1-3 cr.) This course is designed to examine individual, group, and community health needs and capacity assessment strategies, how these strategies can be used to determine and develop goals, effective implementation, and collaboration efforts in community health planning.
  • HSC-H 402 Policy and Advocacy (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-H 404 Sports Ethics (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-H 411 Promoting Health Behavior (3 cr.)

    Major concepts, theories, and applied approaches for promoting positive behaviors for a healthier life.

  • HSC-H 412 Global Health (3 cr.) This course examines major global health challenges, programs and policies. Students will be introduced to the world's vast diversity of determinants of health and disease. Students will analyze current and emerging global health priorities, including emerging infectious diseases, poverty, women's and child health, conflicts and emergencies, health inequity, and major global initiatives for disease prevention and health promotion.
  • HSC-H 434 Diversity and Cultural Competence (3 cr.) Diversity and Cultural Competence explores the interaction between culture, behavior, beliefs, and attitudes and health, education, and promotion to create a philosophy of cultural competence.
  • HSC-H 477 Community Assessment and Program Planning (1-6 cr.) This course examines individual, group, and community needs assessment strategies and how these strategies are used in conjunction with theory to develop program goals and objectives that address public health concerns through health education and health promotion programs.
  • HSC-H 478 Evaluation of Health Programs (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-H 492 Research in Health Sciences (1-3 cr.) Research in health sciences introduces health science students to the basic concepts and techniques of data analysis and research needed in professional health care practice.
  • HSC-H 499 Senior Seminar in Health Sciences (1-3 cr.) P: Senior status or 90 cr hrs. This course provides a format for the student to develop awareness of personal strengths and competencies as a health professional through development of a personal portfolio.
  • HSC-L 230 Health Care Delivery Systems (1-3 cr.) Students examine health care delivery systems, leadership, health policy, regulation and economics. Students explore quality practices of health care organizations. Students analyze the impact of informatics on health care and nursing including the electronic health record, information technology in healthcare, and information literacy.
  • HSC-M 101 Electronic Records (3 cr.) Record organization for the health care industry; systems and processes for collecting, maintaining, and disseminating health-related information. Topics include healthcare patient records, electronic health records (EHRs), data collection standards, as well as the legal aspects of health information, coding and reimbursement.
  • HSC-M 102 Clinical Experience I (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-M 190 Coding I (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-M 191 Coding II (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-M 192 Health Revenue Management and Reimbursement (3 cr.) This course addresses key concepts in healthcare system revenue management and health insurance reimbursement. Topics include insurance plans, medical necessity, claims processing, accounts receivable, charge master, DRGs, APCs, edits, auditing, and review. ICD and CPT coding as they relate to the billing function will be reviewed. This course precedes specific billing courses in ICD-10 and CPT coding. It is a requirement for the Health Systems Leadership tracks and covers learning objectives necessary for certification through the AAPC in CPC.
  • HSC-M 301 Electronic Medical Records Management (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-M 366 Leadership for Health Professions (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-N 442 Exercise and Nutrition (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-P 211 Introduction to Sports Management (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-P 212 Introduction to Exercise Science (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-P 391 Biomechanics (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-S 101 Introductions to Safety (3 cr.) (pending approval)
  • HSC-W 210 Current Issues in Health Care (1-3 cr.) This course is designed to expose students to a variety of issues relevant to healthcare and promotions of healthy lifestyles.  This course is aimed at examining current issues that affect health of individuals, USA population and global populations.  Emphasis will be placed on life-style behaviors contributing to health, wellness, and disease prevention.  This course will have different topics and issues depending on the climate of health care, various governmental policies and global events.
  • HSC-W 314 Eithics and Health Professionals (1-6 cr.)

    Current trends in the ethical conduct and issues that concern health professionals and spheres of the contemporary health care arena are analyzed through the use of case studies, articles, and video presentations.

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