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Students are ordinarily subject to the curricular requirements outlined in the Bulletin in effect at the start of their current degree. See below for links to previous Bulletins (bulletins prior to 2013-2014 are in PDF format only).

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Diversity Programs

Diversity Programs

Civil Rights Heritage Center
Wiekamp Hall 3210 :: (574) 520-5580 ::

The Civil Rights Heritage Center uses the civil rights movement as living history to promote a better understanding of individual responsibility, race relations, social change, and minority achievement. Programs include Step One, Diversity Reading, Twenty-first Century Scholars Citizenship and Education, and Freedom Summer.

Making the Academic Connection (MAC)
Administration Building 107, 108, and 111 :: (574) 520-4565 ::

The Making the Academic Connection (MAC) office consists of a team of professional counselors committed to providing support services, programs, and advocacy for minority students and Twenty-first Century Scholars.

The MAC office, located within student services, is open and available to all students. However, the office actively seeks out incoming minority students (primarily African American and Latino, which make up the largest percentage of the campus minority student population) and Twenty-first Century Scholars to connect with them and begin to build relationships early in the semester. MAC connects with students on all levels: academic, financial, social, and personal, and is committed to ensuring that students persist and graduate from IU South Bend.

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