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M.S. in Management of Information Technologies

Ganest Vaidyanathan, Ph.D.M.S. in Management of Information Technologies

Ganesh Vaidyanathan, Ph.D. :: Director
(574) 520-4453 ::   

Note :: Not admitting new students for the 2015-2016 academic year.

About the M.S. in Management of Information Technologies Degree

The Master of Science in Management of Information Technologies (M.S.-M.I.T.) degree, the first of its kind in Michiana, enables graduates to effectively plan and manage complex information technologies for their firms and to successfully advance their manufacturing/service organizations into the twenty-first century.

Given the burgeoning influence of information technology in almost all organizations, Michiana businesses must learn to manage information technology to their best advantage.

The M.S.-M.I.T. degree is one of the best professional career investments for area managers. This degree significantly enhances the information technology management capabilities of our graduates and their organizations.

To manage information effectively, organizations need employees proficient in information systems and management. This program provides expertise in both.

Graduates can assume a variety of responsibilities, from the development of electronic commerce, to the management of large-scale business process reengineering and enterprise resource planning.

Graduates gain proficiency in areas such as: electronic commerce, managerial decision support systems, enterprise resource planning, business process reengineering, database management systems, telecommunication systems, web design, object oriented programming, supply chain management, and artificial intelligence systems. Upon graduation, students receive a certificate of completion of SAP courses. The M.S.-M.I.T. Program may be completed in two years full or part-time, and all courses are offered in the evening.

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