Latin American Studies

Hayley Froysland, Ph.D. :: Coordinator
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Coordinators :: Froysland, Davis, J.
Faculty Advisors :: Barrau, Davis, J., Fong-Morgan, Froysland, Gerken, Hebert, Joyce, Muniz, Sernau, VanderVeen

About Latin American Studies

The Latin American/Latino Studies Program focuses on the culture, society, and history of South America, Central America and Mexico, and the Caribbean, as well as the experiences in the United States of people and their descendents from these regions. The approach is holistic and interdisciplinary, combining language proficiency and cultural appreciation with analysis of social institutions and the processes of social, political, economic, and cultural change.

For more information about the Latin American/Latino Studies Program, contact the program coordinator.

Minor Offered

Minor in Latin American/Latino Studies

Course Descriptions

Anthropology ANTH  ::  History HIST  ::  Political Science POLS  ::  Psychology PSY  ::  Sociology SOC  ::  Spanish SPAN  ::  Speech SPCH  ::  Women's and Gender Studies WGS

Academic Bulletins

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