Elaine RothFilm Studies

Elaine Roth, Ph.D. :: Coordinator
(574) 520-4224 :: english.iusb.edu


Coordinator :: Roth
Faculty Advisors :: Barrau, DeSelm, Joyce, Luppes, Nashel, L. Walker, L. Zynda

About Film Studies

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary program administered by the Film Studies Committee that emphasizes film as one of the humanities and examines the substantive and scholarly aspects of film (film form, theory, criticism, aesthetics, and history). For additional information about Film Studies, contact the minor coordinator.

Minor Offered

Minor in Film Studies

Course Descriptions

Comparative Literature CMLT  ::  English ENG  ::  French FREN  ::  German GER  ::  Spanish SPAN

Academic Bulletins

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