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ROTC | Military Science

ROTC Army Color GuardMilitary Science


Professor | Polhamus (Chair)
Assistant Professors | Dukeman, Henkaline, Lemon, Yuen

About the Military Science Program

The Army ROTC Program develops leadership ability and prepares students for the challenges and responsibilities they will face as Army officers and civilian leaders. Through a series of classroom courses and practical exercises, cadets learn self-confidence, time management and decision-making skills. The role of the professional officer in the preservation of peace and national security is emphasized, with particular attention placed on ethical conduct and the officer’s responsibilities to society. The program culminates in an officer’s commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Opportunities for follow-on postgraduate study also exist.

The mission of the United States Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Program is to prepare quality college students to assume the role of a commissioned officer in the United States Army upon graduation. Students enrolling in Military Science (Army ROTC) are under no service obligation until enrollment in MIL-G 211 or higher courses. After completion of the ROTC Program, the student is obligated to serve four years in the active Army, or eight years in the United States Army Reserve or Army National Guard. It should be known that junior military officers are among the highest recruited population group of people in their twenties because of their leadership, management, and interpersonal skills. The Army basic-level courses (MIL-G 111, MIL-G 112) can be taken for credit without being an Army ROTC cadet. All reference materials and uniforms are supplied by the department.

Tuition scholarships are available to qualified students; providing for tuition, books, and fees. Upon enrollment in the advanced course (or as a scholarship student) of the program, students earn a monthly stipend of between $250-$500 per month. Interested students should contact the Notre Dame Army ROTC scholarship and enrollment officer at (574) 631-6896 or at 1-800-UND-ARMY.

Additional Army ROTC Curriculum
Professional Military Education Requirements

In addition to the military science requirements outlined above, Army ROTC scholarship students are required to complete other specified university courses. These additional requirements are taken as a part of the student’s field of study or as degree electives, depending upon the college in which the student is enrolled. Students are notified of such requirements prior to joining the Army ROTC Program, and as part of the ROTC orientation. An approved list of courses that meet the professional military education requirement is available.

Student Organizations and Activities

All Army ROTC students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, to include drill team, ranger challenge team, color guard; and the ‘Shamrock’, the Fightin’ Irish Battalion’s newsletter and website. Army ROTC students also have the opportunity to attend Airborne School, Air Assault School, Northern Warfare School, and Mountain Warfare School during the summer break.

Student Awards and Prizes
  • The Dixon Award | A $200 savings bond, presented to an outstanding senior who has displayed exceptional performance during the annual Dixon Challenge.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Sword | An Army officer’s sword, presented annually to the battalion’s cadet commander.
  • Patrick Haley Award | A wristwatch, presented annually to the cadet who attains the highest academic grade point average.
  • Col. William T. Brooks Award | A $100 gift card, given to the most outstanding student who participated on the Ranger Challenge Team during the past academic year.
  • Dr. Michael McKee Award | A $100 savings bond, presented each year to the outstanding member of the battalion’s drill team and/or honor guard.

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