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Terry Shepherd, Ed.D.Professional Educational Services

Terry L. Shepherd, Ed.D. | Department Head
Education Advising Office | Education and Arts 2267 |
(574) 520-4132 |

About Professional Education Services

Students seeking initial licensure at the graduate level in any area of special education must take and pass the core academic skills assessment by the end of the first 6 credit hours of graduate coursework or submit evidence of an approved alternate assessment.

Students may only transfer 6 credit hours of coursework at the graduate level.

Special Education

This degree is for applicants already licensed in an area of Exceptional Needs who want to advance their knowledge in the field of special education.

Graduate students may complete a Master of Science in Education, Special Education degree. Students complete a minimum of 36 credit hours for this degree. In most cases, graduate students may use some of the coursework taken for licensure toward their graduate degree in special education. Students are advised on an individual basis. Students interested in discussing degree requirements should contact the Office of Education Student Services to arrange an appointment. All degree-seeking students must apply separately for admission to the Master of Science in Education, Special Education Program. Students must have, and maintain, a 3.0 GPA while pursuing the degree.

Graduate Certification Students

Graduate students interested in completing certification in mild interventions or intense interventions are advised on an individual basis. Students must complete an application for admission to the Graduate Certification Program in Mild Interventions. After completing an application, students should arrange for an appointment to meet with an academic advisor. In most cases, students must supply a transcript from their undergraduate degree program, and from all other postbaccalaureate programs, in order to plan an appropriate course of study with an advisor. Students must earn and maintain a 3.0 GPA while completing certification requirements.

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