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School of Education

 student on campus of IU South BendSchool of Education Graduate Policies

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all work to be eligible for the degree Master of Science in Education. An overall 2.5 cumulative GPA must be earned in the content area to meet licensure requirements. Students in the M. A. T. in Special Education must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout their program. Refer to undergraduate academic policies for other requirements that may apply to graduate students pursuing standard teacher licensure programs at IU South Bend; then consult an advisor. The School of Education at IU South Bend does not accept grades below a C (2.0) earned at IU South Bend or at any institution for credit toward a graduate degree. No grade below C (2.0) is accepted in the student’s concentration area(s) for any teacher licensure program.

The latter rule applies to various licensure areas as follows:

For students majoring in elementary education, this rule applies to all education courses.

For students majoring in secondary education, this rule applies to:

  • Education courses
  • All content courses

For students majoring in special education, this rule applies to:

  • Education courses
  • All content courses

Transferring Courses Into Graduate Degree Programs

Students seeking a graduate degree in the School of Education may request a transfer of a maximum of 12 credit hours of required courses from any institution, including IU South Bend, into School of Education graduate degree programs. Each program in the School of Education may further limit the number of transfer credit hours and specific courses that may be transferred. The transfer of all courses must be approved by the department head or a designee. All courses transferred into graduate degree programs in the School of Education must have a grade of B or higher.

Students already admitted to a graduate degree program must seek advanced approval for all courses taken at other institutions.

Pass/Fail Option

Any graduate student may choose to be evaluated on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis in any elective course, up to a maximum of four courses per degree program and not more than two courses in any calendar year. A Master of Science in Education degree student may not elect the Pass/Fail (P/F)option for any of the credit hours required in the major, minor, or any area of certification.

A student choosing the Pass/Fail (P/F) option for an elective course must do so during the first three weeks of a regular semester or during the first two weeks of a summer session by processing the prescribed request in the Office of Education Student Services. This election is not reversible.

Retention in Graduate Degree Study

Students failing to maintain a B (3.0) average in all work taken after admission to graduate study in the School of Education are placed on academic probation and so notified. If a student fails to remove the probationary status during the next enrollment period, the privilege of continuing in the School of Education may be denied. Students dismissed from the School of Education are not eligible for recommendation for teaching or other licenses. Students dismissed may follow the issues resolution process if there are extenuating circumstances that may not have been considered.

A student admitted to the School of Education, but denied admission to a particular program, may not take any further work in that area of study unless the program agrees to the continued work.

Once a student is admitted to a degree program, all work must be complete within six calendar years from the date of the receipt of a grade in the first course that is to be used toward the degree.

Letters of Concern

All graduate students are expected to abide by all specific program policies. In addition to academic performance, IU South Bend’s graduate students are evaluated on the basis of their professional conduct and dispositions. Unsatisfactory professional conduct or unprofessional dispositions observed on the part of a graduate student in the School of Education in classes at IU South Bend or in field or clinical experiences, may result in that student’s dismissal from the graduate degree program. Dispositions are assessed as part of the unit assessment system. Also, a Letter of Concern serves as documentation of concerns related to professional conduct or dispositions. School of Education procedures are followed when documenting concerns about dispositions with a Letter of Concern.

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