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Honors Program

Honors Program

Neovi Karakatsanis, Ph.D. | Interim Director
Wiekamp Hall 2183 | (574) 520-4861 |

About the IU South Bend Honors Program

The IU South Bend Honors Program provides a special experience for highly motivated undergraduates who welcome intellectual engagement and are willing to meet high academic expectations. This is a dynamic program that can boost a student’s academic career and increase his or her enjoyment of the college experience.

Honors students work closely with faculty to pursue academic challenges through research, mentoring relationships, and specially designed honors courses that encourage them to strive for individual excellence.

Admission to the Honors Program is open to all qualified students. Additional social activities provide opportunities to know other students and faculty in the program. Honors courses are available every semester and are listed at the beginning of the Schedule of Classes under Honors Program (HON).

Honors graduates receive an Honors Program certificate, an Honors graduation cord, and an Honors medalion; success in the program will be noted on the transcript after completion of six Honors Program courses, including HON-H 100 Introduction to Honors.

Each semester Honors students can also convert one regular course into an Honors course, upon the approval of the faculty member and the Director of the Honors Program. Numerous scholarships, available only to Honors Program participants, are awarded each year.

For further information about any facet of this program, contact the Honors Interim Program director, Professor Neovi Karakatsanis

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