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Clinical/Professional Program

Clinical/Professional Program

General Information

Admission to the university as a preradiography student, and successful completion of the general-education coursework, does not guarantee admission to the Associate of Science degree program. The number of clinical/professional students admitted each summer session II is dependent upon the number of openings available in the radiology departments in the area health care institutions designated as clinical education sites: Memorial Hospital of South Bend, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center campuses in Plymouth and Mishawaka, Elkhart General Hospital, and IU Health Goshen Hospital.

Admission Criteria

At the conclusion of the spring semester of program application, students in the applicant pool are scored to determine their rank order. The criteria for admission consideration is based on a 130 point weighted scale as follows:

  • 0-75 points: AGPA (Admission Grade Point Average) of the preradiography general-education coursework completed by the end of the spring semester of application
  • 0-15 points: Math/Science GPA
  • 0-15 points: Interview scores
  • 0-25 points: Students can earn rating points (maximum 25) which are added to their overall combined score as follows:
  • One point given for each credit hour of a required general-education course completed with a minimum C by the end of the spring semester of program application. Points available: 0-20
  • Five points given for completion of PHSL-P 261 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 and PHSL-P 262 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 with a minimum grade of C in both courses by the end of the spring semester of program application. Points available: 5

Students offered a clinical position within the associate degree program must formally accept or decline admission, in writing, to the program prior to the beginning of the semester to which they are admitted. Students offered a position in the Clinical/Professional Program but decline acceptance or become academically ineligible can reapply to the program the following year. They must compete with the applicant pool for the semester in which they request entrance with no preference or wait listing given. Students have only two opportunities to decline admission in writing prior to losing their eligibility to apply.

Withdrawal and Reinstatement

Students in the Associate of Science degree program who withdraw from the Clinical/Professional Program must reapply for admission to the program. Withdrawal from radiography major courses constitutes a disruption in progress and requires that a student seek reinstatement to the program.

Students desiring reinstatement must reapply within a time frame that would allow the student timely completion of the program. A written request must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the term of desired reentry. All requests for reentry are evaluated by the program director on the basis of available resources, and if appropriate, on the satisfactory completion of any conditions and/or recommendations existing at the time of withdrawal. Reinstatement to the IU South Bend Radiography Clinical/Professional Program is not guaranteed.


The program faculty recommend graduating students with superior academic performance for degrees awarded with distinction. Also each year, an outstanding student is presented the IU South Bend Outstanding Student Award for Clinical Excellence.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory completion of 77+ credit hours, to include 20 credit hours of general-education courses and 57 credit hours of clinical/professional courses, must be completed in compliance with the academic and professional policies of the school and individual programs in order to graduate. Students must also be in attendance and actively involved in the university’s May Commencement ceremonies.

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