April Lidinsky, Ph.D.Women's and Gender Studies

April Lidinsky, Ph.D. | Director
Wiekamp Hall 2155 | (574) 520-4122 | wgs.iusb.edu


Associate Professor | Borshuk, Lidinsky (Director), Rusnock
Assistant Professor | Gerken
Faculty Emerita | McNeal-Dolan

About Women's and Gender Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies provides students a coherent, but flexible, program of study examining scholarship and theory on the history, status, contributions, and experiences of women and men in diverse cultural communities.

The interdisciplinary perspective of the field expands our intellectual vision and our capacity to resolve problems. The Women’s and Gender Studies Program is committed to an expanding recognition of the impact and strength of difference and diversity in people’s lives.

The Women’s and Gender Studies major, minor, and four-year degree programs enable students to analyze how gender, in its dynamic interrelationship with race and class, has shaped and given meaning to people’s lives.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program is administered by the director and the Women’s Studies Governing Board. The following faculty serve on the Women’s Studies Governing Board: Bennion, Borshuk, Budd, Cera, Colanese, L. Collins, Gerken, C. He, S. Joyce, Lidinsky, Lucal, McGuire, Pfeifer, Roth, Rusnock, Sage, and Zwicker.

Undergraduate Degree Offered

B.A. Women's and Gender Studies

Minor Offered

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

Course Descriptions

Women's and Gender Studies WGS (formerly WOST)

Academic Bulletins

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